Manga News One Piece

Preview of Eiichiro Oda’s Upcoming Interview on One Piece

One Piece is one of the most prolific manga series that Japan has to offer, and currently, it has around 987 chapters. One Piece can easily be termed as one of the longest mangas in existence. It also has the power to not disappoint any reader. The Wano Country arc of One Piece is one…

Anime Great Pretender Netflix News

Great Pretender Case 4 to Premiere in September on Netflix Japan

Morally upright heroes with a painfully honest demeanour are a thing of the past. What can be more attractive than a deadly cunning hero with a glint of confidence in his eyes? Great Pretender introduces us to a world of conmen and swindlers. If the characters in the anime desire something, then they will get…

Anime News Non Non Biyori

Non Non Biyori Nonstop Listed with 12 Episodes

A sleepy and peaceful town, calm townsfolk, and a place far from the chaos of the cities – that is the town of Asahigaoka. It is a picturesque serene area which the people of cities long for. How will Hotaru, who has just moved in from Tokyo, get used to the country life? She manages…

Anime News Strike Witches

Strike Witches: Road To Berlin – Release Date, Theme Song

Strike Witches started out as simple magazine illustrations, quickly got adapted to novels, manga and anime, and became a mix-media franchise. The series revolves around teenage girls who hold magical powers to engage in aerial combat against the “Neuroi.” Road to Berlin is the third season of the Strike Witches anime, and it will feature…

Manga News One Piece

One Piece Chapter 989 DELAYED, Manga on One-Week Break

The One Piece manga is going through an intense arc, keeping its readers on edge with every chapter. The Wano Country arc just keeps getting better and better. However, the manga has been taking a lot of breaks than usual. Every announcement of a break makes the reader sigh loudly or facepalm or both. The…

Bone Collection Manga News

Bone Collection Manga Ends with Chapter 15 in August

A manga about exorcising yokai seems like a grand story with great detailed artworks of battles. However, the Bone Collection manga doesn’t care about that kind of action-packed story. It bends towards the comic genre with its hilarious plot twists. Kazami is an exorcist, but he was merely passed down the tradition by bloodline and…

Anime My Hero Academia News

My Hero Academia: Will the Movie Cause Delay in Season 5?

My Hero Academia might seem like just another cliched manga with heroes striving to defeat villains, but it is more than what meets the eye. The series compels its viewers and readers to raise questions against the protagonists as well as the antagonists. My Hero Academia has already received four seasons of anime and two…

Georama Boy Panorama Girl Live-Action Manga

Georama Boy Panorama Girl Film: Trailer and November Debut

There is a reason why romance as a genre can steal away any audience’s attention, in spite of being a common theme for years. One of the most well-known tropes in romance is the love triangle; if executed well, the story gets the power to move anyone, emotionally. Georama Boy Panorama Girl is a manga…

Anime Movies News Violet Evergarden Gaiden

Violet Evergarden the Movie: Runtime, Release Date and Trailer

The Violet Evergarden series comes from one of the most aesthetically pleasing anime franchises. A tale of a woman with an unimaginable background, a girl who has seen the worst of humanity, but still tries to find love and escape from her unfeeling cage of a heart. Adapted from the light novel series by Kana…

Manga News The Promised Neverland

New One-Shot By Creators of The Promised Neverland; A Review

The Promised Neverland was one of the best psychological stories from the manga world. Except for the rushed ending, every other twist and heart-wrenching detail was a feast for the readers. Weekly Shonen Jump’s 35th issue revealed that a new one-shot by the creators of The Promised Neverland will be published in the next issue…

Anime Haikyu!! News

Haikyu!! Season 4 Cour 2: Two New Trailers For Theme Songs

Haikyu!! is one of the best sport-themed anime out there with an ever-growing popularity. Ever since its first season came out in 2014, fans have been in awe with the art style and the infield action sequences. The two protagonists of the anime, Hinata, and Kageyama have shown incredible chemistry, and we expect much more…

Anime Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle News

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle Film: PV and October Release

In the world of Hypnosis Mic, battles are won not through violence or weapons but music and lyrics. How so? Special pieces of equipment called hypnosis mics can be used to control the mood and state of a human, but not everyone has the talent to do so. When the world finally realizes that violence…