Akira Anime Watch Order

The Complete Watch Order Guide to Akira

Throughout history, Japan has a misfortune when it comes to widespread destruction. Perhaps, this is what inspires them to produce animations and films that display masses going through a terrible disaster and finding ways to overcome them.   Akira, released in 1988 and set in 2019, showcases a world that had already been through a massive…

Anime Crunchyroll Symphogear Watch Order

How to Watch Symphogear? The Complete Watch Order

Imagine magical girl idols in a Gundam type scenario! Symphogear is an anime set in that exact ridiculous setup.  The show goes a step further to take its peculiarity very seriously and builds up the entire plot on it. The battles feel intense even when the main characters seem too OP. There is nothing more…

Anime Chain Chronicle Watch Order

How To Watch Chain Chronicle? The Complete Watch Order

When all hope is lost, and you need to start from ground zero, all you need is loyal allies, supportive friends, and loads of courage. Chain Chronicle is an anime that starts off with the defeat of the protagonists and follows the story of how they made themselves into a better version of themselves for…

Anime Hitori no Shita - The Outcast Watch Order

How To Watch Hitori no Shita? The Complete Watch Order

Hitori no Shita is a zombie anime with a twist! While the story is not extremely innovative, it goes out of the way to provide us with an oriental style story. The show heavily relies on martial arts action sequences, over-the-top dry humor, and some ecchi elements. The mc is a university student whose goals…

Anime Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Watch Order

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai: Watch Order Guide

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai is an anime that focuses more on the trials and tribulations of teens rather than actual bunny girls. The show tackles the problems faced by adolescents in a bizarre yet understandable way. We all deal with various troubles while growing up. Issues like insecurity, need for attention,…

Anime Manga Watch Order

How to Watch Anime and Manga Legally Online – The Easy Guide

Anime and manga are increasingly becoming popular in today’s world. Their demand is exponentially growing, which is helping creators to create more and more content. However, some pirates (Gogoanime, Kissanime, Mangafox, etc.) take away a large amount of support these artists deserve by illegally streaming and publishing popular anime and manga on their personal servers.…

Anime Mawaru Penguindrum Watch Order

Complete Watch Order Guide To Mawaru Penguindrum

Symbolism becomes a fascinating aspect of any story if done right. It should neither be forced nor be completely ignored. Mawaru Penguindrum is an anime that skillfully incorporates many allegories related to fate and destiny. The multiplicity of various characters and genres form a delicious curry. Interestingly, it is also one of the symbols for…

Anime Revolutionary Girl Utena Watch Order

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Filler-Free Watch Order Guide

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a coming-of-age anime that fuses surrealism with magical girls, breaking all norms that define the genre. It is full of complex symbolism and indulges with themes like illusions, ambitions, sexuality, abuse, and incest. All these themes are never direct and are represented by many recurring allegories in the show. Revolutionary Girl…

Anime Pop Team Epic Watch Order

How To Watch Pop Team Epic? The Complete Watch Order Guide

Imagine watching an anime that is a parody of everything you love! From famous movies like Your Name and My Neighbor Totoro to video games like Final Fantasy, Pop Team Epic is a random mess of everything and makes no sense at all. A typical episode of Pop Team Epic spends the majority of its…

Anime Fooly Cooly Watch Order

How To Watch FLCL? The Complete Watch Order Guide

Some shows blow our minds with their complex plots and clever twists. On the other hand, we have anime that make us question our entire existence due to absurdity and topsy-turvy storylines. However, we seldom experience something so peculiar and chaotic and utterly nonsensical such as FLCL or Fooly Cooly, that despite the disoriented story,…

Anime Kakegurui Watch Order

How To Watch Kakegurui? The Complete Watch Guide

Sometimes, the most physically challenging situations don’t require any physical strength at all. Instead, they need a sense of calmness, confidence, and an absurd amount of obsession over gambling! Kakegurui is a gambling anime with a high school setting. The seemingly posh school has peculiar inner workings that include gambling and manipulation as a part…

Anime Studio Ghibli Watch Order

The Complete Watch Order Guide for Studio Ghibli Films

“Anime may depict fictional worlds, but I nonetheless believe that at its core it must have certain realism.Even if the world depicted is a lie, the trick is to make it seem as real as possible.Stated another way, the animator must fabricate a lie that seems so real, viewers will think the world depicted might…