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Bone Collection Manga Ends with Chapter 15 in August

A manga about exorcising yokai seems like a grand story with great detailed artworks of battles.

However, the Bone Collection manga doesn’t care about that kind of action-packed story. It bends towards the comic genre with its hilarious plot twists.

Bone Collection Manga Ends With Chapter 15
Bone Collection | Source: Fandom

Kazami is an exorcist, but he was merely passed down the tradition by bloodline and had no real talent in exorcism.

One day, his miserable fate changes when he meets a beautiful girl but later discovers her to be a yokai of the highest rank.

An official tweet by Weekly Shonen Jump announced that the Bone Collection manga has ended with the 38th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Chapter 15 will be the last chapter of the manga.

Bone Collection started serialization in August 2019, and thus, it has been a full year before it ended. It is a manga of the supernatural and fantasy genre.

Chapter 14 Summary

Kyubi, a nine-tailed yokai, has kidnapped Runa, and they are both currently in a tower. High ranked exorcists try to take him out but fail in doing so.

Paira enters the scene, looking like a member of a heavy metal band, fully equipped with a motorbike and a mohawk. Both she and Kazami pair up to defeat Kyubi with hilarious tricks.

At first, Kazami sucks Kyubi up with a vacuum cleaner type power and then proceeds to freeze him.

However, none of these attempts could stop Kyuubi. Paira confesses that she helps humans because she loves them, and she wants to become one.

She then helps Kazami touch her sternum to use an extraordinary power called “Bone Wedding” to decorate the whole place into a wedding altar and capture Kyubi.

Chapter 15 Speculations

The Bone Wedding power might be able to defeat Kyubi finally. There is also a possibility of this move using enough power to turn Paira completely into a human.

Bone Collection Manga Ends With Chapter 15
Bone Collection Cover | Source: Viz Media

Even if she does not turn into a human, Paira and Kazami can continue exorcising evil yokai while using her powers, and that could be the ending too.

About Bone Collection

Bone Collection is a manga that has been written and illustrated by Jun Kirarazaka. It was first serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump on 26th August 2019.

The modern world is swarming with demons, and Kazami is an exorcist who has no talent in exorcism.

One day he meets a beautiful girl called Paira, who is a Yokai of the highest rank. The loser, Kazami, suddenly gets access to enormous power. What will their fate turn out to be like?

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