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Campione! Season 2: Release Date, Visuals, News

Did you expect an amazing storyline, character development, and battle actions filled with plot twists from an ecchi anime? Me neither.

But Campione is that one show that broke all norms which revolved around the stereotype.

The light novel was written by Jou Taketsuki, and concluded in 2017 with 21 volumes. 

Whereas, the anime adaptation was broadcasted back in 2012 with 13 episodes. 

The recent moves of the anime’s licensor, Sentai Filmworks, might hint towards a Season 2. Let’s discuss the release date, cast, and visuals of the rumored second season. 

1. Release Date

The studio and production team of the anime have not confirmed any news regarding the release of Campione Season 2.

If, by any chance, Campione Season 2 releases, it will surely be sometime in late 2021 or 2022. 

This is because most anime studios have several shows lined up for the rest of this year and next. 

Crunchyroll streamed the last season and will surely air the next season too.

But what makes us so sure that there will be a second season?

2. Theory Section

Campione may not be able to compete against the best action or harem anime out there. But it is one of the best for the genre it explores with a fresh, new, never-seen-before approach.

Let’s look into the details of this upcoming anime to see what will influence the making of ‘Campione Season 2.’ 

I. Popularity of Campione

Campione was first published in 2008 and got a manga adaptation in 2011. 

Diomedea produced an anime based on it in 2012, and it was very popular amongst the fans. 

Even though the adaptation has a rating of 7 on both IMDb and MyAnimeList , the fans state that the ‘anime is underrated,’ and the anime is very enjoyable. 

Let’s see if they are true.

II. Was Season 1 Well-Received?

There’s a mixed response from the fans; some love the new harem-style, while the others hate the changes done to the light novel’s story.

Campione is a not-so-typical harem, with lots of ecchi as promised, but with a load of ass-kicking action and a great story.

The main con of this anime is that it is very fast-paced. The MC undergoes character development within a blink of an eye. The anime also never explains the powers in the series nor the jargon in it.

Passing that, the show has good action sequences and humor. Though the series is a harem, it follows logic: no love at first sight or misuse of the protagonist’s halo.

Campione is a mix of serious anime with ecchi closer to reality, with well-placed fanservice. 

Fans of the light novel, though, pick at another thing. Many important scenes have been cut out from the anime and the ending was not original.

To adapt five volumes into 13 episodes is not an easy task, but the studio tried anyway.

III. Will There be a Season 2?

Season 1 adapted only the first five volumes of the series, and there are 16 more left. Thus, there is enough source material to make two more seasons!

Though the first season was made for the sole purpose of promoting the light novel, with the increasing demand of Season 2, the producers may hopefully give in to the fans.

Also, this June 2020, Sentai Filmworks’ YouTube channel uploaded the Campione trailer for the last season. 

They had never done so before. It contains scenes from the previous season with the background OST.

Campione! Official Trailer
Campione! Trailer

Might this be a hint to the fans??

3. Visuals & Trailers

The official website has not announced any news regarding Season 2. But we can theorize that it would compile of maybe Volume 6-10, as the previous season.

Campione! Season 2 release, visual info
Campione! Volume VI | Source: Fandom
Campione! Season 2 release, visual info
Campione! Volume VII | Source: Fandom

The covers feature the main heroine, Erica along with Luo Hao. The official sites have not released any PV or teasers regarding the sequel. We will update this article when we get the information.

Now that we have seen everything, what exactly is the anime about?

4. Expected Plot

The next arc starts right where it was left off in Volume 5, the battle between John and the King of Flies.

This arc introduces Luo Hao, who is said to be the best martial artist on Earth and Guinevere, who both intend to awaken Godo from Netherworld.

On the other side, Godo is requested by Hikari to deal with one of the members of the Four Families.

Story and plots are one thing, the animation and OST are the other. They need to complement each other to create a good anime.

Let’s see if that was the case in Season 1.

5. S1 Music and Animation

I. Animation Quality

The animation by Diomedea is pretty nice. The fight scenes are not bad, they aren’t as predictable as the story.

The fast pacing of the show affected the animation a bit, and it can be seen in later episodes, as the battle choreographies tend to get repeated.

The scene of golden swords falling onto a kissing couple is something no one can forget.

II. Theme Songs

The opening theme, Brave Blade, was sung by Megu Sakuragawa. The charming voice was accompanied by all the characters to give us an introduction to the anime.

The closing theme, Raise, was performed by Yui Ogura. The voice actress of one of the ‘dandere’ characters, Athena, is backed up by a sequence of the girls in the harem.

6. Fan Expectations for Upcoming Season

Well, there is so much left for the chaotic harem from Volume 7 onwards, the story was left on a cliff-hanger at the end of Season 1.

Light novel fans rebuke that Athena wasn’t supposed to appear in the last battle, but the studio did what it was supposed to in order to wrap up the show. 

If Season 1 was used to introduce the harem to the audience, then Season 2 could be used to deal with the plot, and if the plot followed the light novel well, it is a bonus.

Fans just want their novel to be recreated on the screen, as the previous season seemed way too different from the source material, and hopefully Season 2 will correct that.

Let’s recollect what exactly Campione’s do.

7. Recap

Godo Kusanagi, a former middle school baseball player who had to retire due to injury, is asked by his grandfather to return a stone tablet to a friend in Sardinia. 

After meeting the demonically manipulative sword-mistress Erica, he encounters the god of war, Verethragna. 

After killing the god, Godo becomes a Campione or a god-slayer. His duty is to fight heretical gods who have strayed their ways, at the expense of innocents.

One of the problems with being a Campione is his status attracting the attention of difficult girls, especially Erica. 

If this wasn’t awkward enough, he kisses one of the girls he brings with him every time he fights a god; talk about being generous.

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8. Cast & Staff

The following will most probably return as the cast and staff members for Campione Season 2:

I. Staff

PositionStaffFamous Works
DirectorKusakawa KeizoAhiru no Sora, Inukami
Series CompositionJukki HanadaNo Game No Life, Special A
Character DesignMasakazu IshikawaKodomo no Jikan, Aho-Girl
Music CompositionTatsuya KatoFree, Shokugeki no Souma
StudioDiomedeaHanda-kun, Ahiru no Sora

II. Cast

CharacterVoice ActorFamous Works
GodoMatsuoka YoshitsuguSora (No Game No Life), Yukihira Souma (Shokugeki no Souma)
EricaHisaka YokoMio (K-ON), Mira (Trinity Seven)
LilianaKitamura EriAshido Mina (My Hero Academia), Cana (Fairy Tail)
YuriHanazawa KanaShiemi (Blue Exorcist), Anri (Durarara)
EnaSaitou YukaLu Lian (Gin no Guardian), Yukimura (Sengoku Musou)

9. About Campione!

The anime follows the protagonist, Godo Kusanagi, a high school student that kills a god. 

He then takes his divine powers in the process and becomes a Campione – a god slayer.

Now in his journey to prove his strength and taking down gods, he also has to manage his love-life.

Campione is a harem-love comedy filled with magical battles; Godo’s life is anything but normal.

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