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How to Watch Symphogear? The Complete Watch Order

Imagine magical girl idols in a Gundam type scenario! Symphogear is an anime set in that exact ridiculous setup.  The show goes a step further to take its peculiarity very seriously and builds up the entire plot on it. The battles feel intense even when the main characters seem too OP. There is nothing more…

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Crunchyroll: Top 10 Must-Watch Horror Anime of All Time, Ranked!

The word “Horror” has different meanings for every single individual based on their experiences. For someone experiencing something supernatural can be horrifying, while for some, it can be exciting and adventurous. Not everyone has a common thing that horrifies them. The subject of horror can be literally anything; it depends on the experience of the…

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Crunchyroll Releases God Of Highschool Episode 7 Teaser

The God Of Highschool was one of the most anticipated anime titles in 2020, and it has managed to match up to the expectations. Episode 6 of The God of Highschool ended with Q, one of the judges of the tournament, being tied down by an assassin sent by Nox. This particular organization is shrouded…

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Crunchyroll in Talks to be SOLD to Sony by AT&T for $1.5 Billion USD

Crunchyroll is currently the owner of the biggest catalogue of anime among the online streaming platforms. It is not only an anime distributor but also has its own line of Crunchyroll Originals anime titles. Crunchyroll is, at present, a subsidiary of AT&T’s Warner Media. However, according to recent reports, AT&T is looking to sell Crunchyroll…

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Top 20 Dubbed Anime On Crunchyroll and Where To Watch Them!

Not everyone loves to read the subtitles while watching anime. And the other reason for anime being dubbed from Japanese to English is to expand the anime industry globally and make it available to the whole world. The debate between the subbed and the dubbed community has been going on for a while. Though some…

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Noblesse Crunchyroll Exclusive Anime to Premiere this October

On Thursday, August 13th, Noblesse’s official Twitter account announced the October debut of the anime adaptation of the Manhwa. This time, it’s going to be a thorough adaptation of the entire series, unlike the previous ones, which were mainly OVAs. The anime will be released as a Crunchyroll Original. Now-a-days, the world is witnessing…

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Crunchyroll Withdraws 77 Anime Titles By Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks is an anime licensing company based in Texas, America. The company emerged after the dissolution of A. D. Vision. It is one of the biggest independent licensors of Japanese anime based in America. Over the years, Sentai has licensed some notable titles like Akame Ga Kill!, Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma, Haikyu!!, Parasyte…

Crunchyroll Gibiate Reviews

Is Gibiate worth watching? A Complete Review

Gibiate (Jibiēto) is based in a post-apocalyptic future of Tokyo city. A virus outbreak called Gibia has infected people which mutates them into monsters depending on their age, sex, and race. The series is an original Japanese anime television series directed by Masahiko Komino at studios Lunch Box and Studio Elle and written by Ryō…

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Monster Musume Season 2: Release Date, Visuals & News

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls is based on a manga with the same name written by Okayado. It has been printed into 15 volumes so far. The anime adaptation aired from July to September 2015 and was based on 6 manga volumes. 1. Release Date Fans have suspected an intended new season based…

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Muse Asia to Stream The God Of Highschool on July 13

The God Of Highschool has earned a respectable position among other webtoons of its time. It is one of the first webtoons to get an anime adaptation along with the Tower of God and Noblesse. The first episode of The God of Highschool released via Crunchyroll’s streaming platform on July 6. Muse Asia, another streaming…

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OreGairu Season 3 Will Soon be Streamed on Crunchyroll

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU or Oregairu for short is a high school life anime but without the positive vibes. The hero is a realist who sees right through everyday relationships, and that is what sets it apart from other anime. Season 1 & 2 of Oregairu aired in 2013 and 2015, respectively. Crunchyroll simulcast…

Anime Crunchyroll Reviews The God of High School

Is The God of High School worth watching? – Complete Review

The God of High School (Gat Obeu Hai Seukul) is a South Korean web manhwa written and illustrated by Yongje Park. The series revolves around a martial arts tournament called “The God of High School”. It is an all-styles martial arts tournament held for students from all over Korea. 1. Quick Review The anime speaks…