Movies Netflix Project Power Reviews

Project Power Review: Is the Netflix Superhero Movie Good?

Netflix’s Project Power revisits the cliché of humans not using their brains to their maximum capability and adds a superhero spin to it. Like Limitless and Lucy, Project Power is an entertaining ride supported by strong acting and cinematic visual effects. It is funny and will make you wish you could watch it on the…

Anime Magical Doremi Movies News

Upcoming Movie Looking For Magical Doremi Releases New PV

“Looking for Magical Doremi” has released a new PV before its upcoming release on November 13. It marks the glorious 20 year anniversary of the franchise. Haruzake Doremi – the girl whose entire life is a mess, becomes an apprentice witch, but soon it turns out she’s pretty horrible at that. Magical Doremi states the…

Anime Movies News Violet Evergarden Gaiden

Violet Evergarden the Movie: Runtime, Release Date and Trailer

The Violet Evergarden series comes from one of the most aesthetically pleasing anime franchises. A tale of a woman with an unimaginable background, a girl who has seen the worst of humanity, but still tries to find love and escape from her unfeeling cage of a heart. Adapted from the light novel series by Kana…

Anime Josee, the Tiger and the Fish Movies News

Josee, The Tiger And The Fish: Trailer, Visual and Premiere Date

We all know that the life of a physically impaired person is very different from that of a person with no disabilities. The dreams and hopes might be the same, but it is much harder to achieve, as disabilities are a hindrance. At the same time, the perspective of such humans is quite different from…

Anime Movies News Poupelle of Chimney Town

Poupelle Of Chimney Town: Anime Film’s Trailer and Visual

Poupelle of Chimney Town is an intricately woven story of adolescence in the form of a children’s book. It urges its readers to rise above and beyond the ‘smoke’ caused by their version of ‘chimney town.’ Poupelle represents the crushed hopes and dreams of children when faced with reality and adulthood. Akihiro Nishino and a…

Anime Kimi wa Kanata Movies News

Upcoming Film Kimi wa Kanata Reveals New Cast Members

Kimi wa Kanata casts Saori Hayami, Yui Ogura, for the upcoming Japanese anime film written and directed by Yoshinobu Sena and produced by Digital Network Animation. From the trailer, we are getting serious Your Name and Weathering With You vibes and we are absolutely unable to keep calm! Kimi wa Kanata Trailer The…

Anime Gintama Movies News

Gintama The Final: Teaser Trailer; January 2021 Debut

As an anime, Gintama holds its strength in its witty comments and activities rather than its action scenes. Every character in the manga is equally insane, and the viewer is deceived several times in a single episode.  Gintama has also been one of the longest-running manga with nearly 700 chapters at its disposal. Its ending…

Anime Fate Grand Order Movies News

Fate/Grand Order Releases Main Visual before Film’s Release

First released as a mobile game, Fate/Grand Order has gained huge popularity and till now, has inspired three manga and three anime films. The great storyline of the game lead it to its movie adaptations with the same name. The heroes have visited seven Singularities in the game so far. Among them, the sixth Singularity…

Anime Movies Yes, No or Maybe Half

Yes, No, or Maybe Half? Anime Film to Screen at BL FES

The Shonen Ai genre or the boy love genre features a romantic relationship between two or more males. It captures the stories of same-sex relationships. Animes like Love Stage!!, Junjou Romantica, and Given are popular titles within this genre. While many titles don’t specifically fall into the boy love genre, they have certain elements of…

DC Gaming Movies News Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Video Game is Officially Under Works

It seems like the rumors are apparently true! There is a Suicide Squad video game in the works and we will see a glimpse very soon! Developed by the team that conceived Batman: Arkham series, Rocksteady, the game has been announced as under construction. Rocksteady also announced that further details will be given out August…

Anime Movies News The Stranger on the Beach

The Stranger On The Beach Anime Film: Trailer, Cast and More

Sometimes, the most heart touching tale is created when two individuals discover love and nurture it between themselves. What indeed is more beautiful than humans, feeling that string of love tugging inside their chest? The Stranger on the Beach or Umibe no Étranger depicts a tale of two guys who accept each other as well…

HBO Max Movies Ocean's 11 Reviews

Ocean’s 11 Review: An Older & Better Money Heist.

A heist movie for the ages with a stellar cast and a phenomenal plot; Ocean’s 11 is a masterpiece as the script, the soundtrack, and the actors deliver on all fronts. This 2001 Warner Brothers production was the fifth highest-grossing film of 2001 and has stood the test of time, pulling off one of the…