Anime Great Pretender Netflix News

Great Pretender Case 4 to Premiere in September on Netflix Japan

Morally upright heroes with a painfully honest demeanour are a thing of the past. What can be more attractive than a deadly cunning hero with a glint of confidence in his eyes? Great Pretender introduces us to a world of conmen and swindlers. If the characters in the anime desire something, then they will get…

Movies Netflix Project Power Reviews

Project Power Review: Is the Netflix Superhero Movie Good?

Netflix’s Project Power revisits the cliché of humans not using their brains to their maximum capability and adds a superhero spin to it. Like Limitless and Lucy, Project Power is an entertaining ride supported by strong acting and cinematic visual effects. It is funny and will make you wish you could watch it on the…

Anime BNA: Brand New Animal Netflix News

TRIGGER Inc. Releases Brand New Animal Staff Memorial Book Online

The highly anticipated BNA: Brand New Animal staff memorial book is now available for purchase till 8/20 this year. TRIGGER Inc.’s official Twitter account announced the release of the book on August 17, 2020. 【Notice】The deadline for accepting orders for TRIGGER’sTRIGGER’s animation “#BNA” staff memorial book “BRAND NEW ANIMAL” is until 8/20 (Thursday) 📆‼…

Anime Netflix News The Promised Neverland

Netflix US to Premiere The Promised Neverland on September 1

Netflix announced on August 13 that The Promised Neverland season 1 would be available to stream in U.S., Canada, Latin America, starting from September 1. Here’s the official tweet regarding that announcement, which got re-tweeted by the official account of the anime. The Promised Neverland never fails to amaze us with it’s extraordinary plot…

Narcos Netflix Reviews TV Series

Narcos Review: Is The Netflix Drama Worth Watching?

The opening shot of Narcos is an overview of Medellin’s city, with a voice-over from Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) explaining the origins of magical realism. He assures us that the events that we are about to witness may seem unbelievable, but they all happened. Throughout its 3 season run, the show constantly serves up monumental…

Netflix News ozark TV Series

Ozark Series Finale Teases BIG Surprises

Ozark is fast approaching its end and so are the adventures of Jason Bateman and Laura Linney who play heads of an innocent Ozarks’ family caught in the webs of the Mexican drug cartel. But there is still one more season left for the popular crime drama currently streaming on Netflix. Ozark |Official Trailer…

Anime Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) Netflix News

Netflix Reveals Interview with Seven Deadly Sins’ Nakaba Suzuki

What attracts readers most towards manga isn’t just the story but also the art. The unique style of every mangaka has a charm that hooks the audience to their mangas. The author’s original character designs also serve as a base for the anime staff to build on. A concern that otakus always have about anime…

Dark Netflix TV Series

What actually happened in Netflix’s Dark Finale? Explanations & Theories

It’s been quite a while since the talk of the world, Netflix’s Dark, wrapped up with its finale on June 27, 2020. Apologies, guys. All the time-travelling and shuffling between the worlds took quite a while to put up this post. I am sure everyone (me included!) who binged on Dark had a perplexed couple…

Documentary Netflix Reviews The Story Of Diana

The Story Of Diana Review: Is The Documentary Good?

Twenty years after her death, ABC & People have come together to produce The Story of Diana, a four-hour documentary looking into the life of the beloved princess. It gives you a never-before-seen look into the early life and marriage of Princess Diana with exclusive footage and interviews. 1. Quick Review The Story of Diana…

Aggretsuko Anime Netflix News

Aggretsuko Season 3: Netflix Releases Trailer, August Premiere

Aggretsuko, the chibi red panda character, first originated in the mascot company Sanrio. Although the character seems quite childish, she is, in fact, a grown adult and an office lady. What is even more relatable is the daily troubles that she faces and the overwhelming stress that slowly eats away at her. First featured in…

Cursed Netflix News TV Series

Cursed Rumored to Get a Spin-off with Merlin as the Lead

Cursed could be getting a spin-off! Well, it’s still a rumour but hey, no smoke without fire, eh? After premiering on July 17, the show has shot to the top of Netflix’s most-watched list and intends to hang out there! So it is not such a surprise that the showrunners of Cursed would want a…

Anime Beastars Netflix News

Netflix’s BEASTARS Season 2 Announces Premiere in January 2021

Beastars is a Japanese manga written by Paru Itagaki. As of July 2020, it has completed 19 tankobon volumes. An anime adaptation by Orange was aired from October to December 2019 with 12 episodes in Japan. The series was later aired outside Japan in March 2020. Season two of BEASTARS was announced in the end…