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Date A Bullet Spin-Off Will Be A Movie: Release Date, Promo & Production Details

Date a Bullet was announced to have an adaptation in fall 2019. It was to be fragrant from the original title: Date a Live.

Let’s take a look at Date a Bullet anime adaptation, its release date, and other details.

1. Date A Bullet Release Date

Date a Bullet will release in Fall 2020. No exact date has been announced as of now. If any new news is announced, updates will start rolling out, so keep an eye on the site.

2. Date A Buller Promo

An official promotional video was released together with the news:


It tracks the events that led to Date a Bullet and even teased Date A Live’s future seasons.

3. Date A Bullet Production Details

The light novel was written by Koushi Tachibana, who took to Twitter to announce that Date a Live will also be receiving a new project with Date a Bullet anime adaptations. Most likely Date a Bullet will be coming out with Date a Live Season 4. The following visuals have been revealed.


“Date A Live” new animation project in progress! ! ! !

“Date A Bullet” animation project in progress! ! ! !English Transaltion by Google Translator

It was later revealed that Date A Bullet will be a movie instead of an anime which will be animated by Geek Toys, directed by Jun Nakagawa, scriptwriting by Yuichiro Higashide and character designs by Naoto Nakamura.

4. Date A Bullet Storyline

Date a Bullet will be a spinoff story dependent on the light novel arrangement Date A Live, from the same creator, Koushi Tachibana.

It follows the tale of an amnesiac girl named Empty. She woke up in the neighboring world and found Tokisaki Kurumi. Kurumi drove her to a school’s lecture room.

What’s more, so as to murder one another, the young ladies know as semi-spirits assembled. With this, their fights at that point started to see who might come out the winner.

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