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Georama Boy Panorama Girl Film: Trailer and November Debut

There is a reason why romance as a genre can steal away any audience’s attention, in spite of being a common theme for years.

One of the most well-known tropes in romance is the love triangle; if executed well, the story gets the power to move anyone, emotionally.

Georama Boy Panorama Girl is a manga about love that blooms in the backdrop of a concrete jungle among the youth who live every day with stress and fear of the future.

The Georama Boy Panorama Girl manga by Kyoko Okazaki is getting a live-action film adaptation.

The official website of the film has recently released a trailer depicting the stories of the two main protagonists.

Georama Boy Panorama Girl Trailer

Georama Boy Panorama Girl live-action film will be released on 6th November 2020.

The trailer starts with the first meeting of Haruka Shibuya and Kenichi Kanna as Kenichi suddenly falls flat in front of Haruka on a bridge.

This unexpected encounter led Haruka to fall in love at first sight with the seemingly weird guy.

School life is depicted in all its sweet and sour glory. Kenichi is seen wounded from time to time, and he is in love with Mayumi, a femme fatale.

Georama Boy Panorama Girl Film November Debut
Georama Boy Panorama Girl | Source: Official Website

The trailer portrays the heart-fluttering feelings of school love and the different comic situations in life.

The cast of the film includes

CharacterCastOther Works
Haruka ShibuyaAnna YamadaMai in Little Love Song
Kenichi KannaJin SuzukiIssa in Boys Over Flowers Season 2
MayumiMisato MoritaMegumi in I Turn

The film’s staff includes

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorNatsuki SetaTokyo Alice
WriterOkazaki KyokoRiver’s Edge, Helter Skelter
ProducerHiroko Matsuda, Yasuhito HiguchiJourney to the Shore,
CinematographerYasuyuki SasakiBokyo
DistributerAeon EntertainmentThe Journalist

Okazaki’s works, River’s Edge, Helter Skelter, and Chiwawa-chan, are all original mangas that have inspired live-action films.

About Georama Boy Panorama Girl

Georama Boy Panorama Girl is a manga by Kyoko Okazaki, which will receive adapted into a live-action film.

The plot of the film revolves around Haruka Shibuya, a high school student, and Kenichi Kanna, who left school right before an exam even though he is known to be studious.

Haruka falls in love with Kenichi, but he loves a girl called Mayumi. Where will this story of two parallel lovers meet?

Source: Official website of Georama Boy Panorama Girl

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