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God of High School Episode 6 Review, Discussion, What did you miss

The God of High School, by Yongje Park, is a famous Korean manhwa webtoon that’s currently being made into an anime. As far as we’ve seen, the original story is wonderfully adapted, and the fight scenes are also beautifully animated.

However, the anime has recently picked up its pace, which is understandable given the fact that they have to fit a lot of plot into mere 13 episodes.

While the story can still be fleshed out better as there is not much substance to the characters and plot, the fights more than make up for it.

After the action-packed episode 5, God of High School’s latest episode, titled “Fear/Six,” was released on Monday.

It revealed the start of the first major arc and had a lot of elements crammed into it. In this article, I will be talking about them, as well as the fate of the two Commissioners.

1. Episode 5 Recap

Before I get started with the latest episode, let’s recap what happened in the previous one.

Episode 5 of “God of High School” titled “Ronde/Hound,” kicked off with the next match in the semifinals – Jin Mori Vs. Byeon Jaehee, with Mori almost immediately defeating the latter.

Mori’s win in this battle meant that he now faced Han Daewi in the finals.

God of High School Episode 6 Review
Han Daewi and Jin Mori | Source: Fandom

The fight between them barely began, when both of them unleashed a barrage of attacks, neither yielding an inch.

Despite there being a slight difference in raw skill, Daewi made up for it with his stubborn conviction.

While their match was taking place, the next scene showed us Woo-Seungtae, Daewi’s friend, taking his last breath. After the latter was informed about this mid-match, he lost all of his desire and conviction to win this match.

However, after Mira and Mori’s support, Daewi realized that while he had lost one friend, he still had two more fools around him.

This moment signals the start of the most epic fight that had taken place, and while Daewi finally lost, both he and Mori sported enormous smiles.

This was one emotionally heavy episode for sure. The beautifully animated fighting sequences, with the smoothly portrayed backstories, made episode 5 one of the best GOH episodes released to date.

However, it might face some competition from the latest one.

2. Episode 6 Review

With each episode, “God of High School” is getting better and better, and the latest one definitely held up our expectations.

Episode 6 of “God of High School” titled “Fear/Six,” kicked off by showing us a confrontation between Mori’s elusive grandfather – Jin Taejin, and the mysterious organization called Nox.

I. Taejin vs. Nox

As the scene began, the “leader” of Nox asked Taejin to reconsider a certain offer, and upon denying it, both sides started fighting.

Jin Taejin was everything we expected Mori’s grandfather to be. He was extremely strong and easily beat down multiple Nox members at the same time.

God of High School Episode 6 Review
Taejin | Source: Crunchyroll

While the outcome of their match is still unknown, the ending scene showed him facing the Nox team’s leader with a giant sword dropping down from the sky at him.

The result, as well as the exact reasons behind their fight, will possibly be revealed next Monday.

To read more about Nox, check out this article written by me. There will be spoilers from the Webtoon, so proceed with caution!

After their showdown, the episode picked up with the announcement of the GOH Seoul Nationals.

II. Nationals

With Commissioner O and Q as guests, they announced the conclusion of the regional preliminaries.

The Nationals would begin in three weeks, in a group competition where the top three fighters from each preliminary would fight together as a team.

They then proceeded to show us the final battle to determine the third place, between Mira and Jaehee, with the former clinching victory and gave us a glimpse of the various participants.

The ones representing Seoul were Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yoo Mira.

God of High School Episode 6 Review
Han Daewi, Jin Mori and Mira Yoo | Source: Fandom

Other noticeable participants were Taek Jaegal and Park Il-pyo. From what the confrontation between them looked like, it seems that Mori has gained tough opposition.

The main reason behind hosting the Nationals was also revealed by Park Mujin, which was to find someone possessing the qualities of a Key.

This was the first time hearing about this, and there’s no information available on what exactly it is.

After disclosing this information, the organization behind Seonjin (the man who proposed to Mira) was also brought to light. It turns out that Nox was responsible for it, and they were now on the move.

III. Nox on the move

In the meeting with his Mujin and the Commissioners, it was revealed that Nox had started moving around and had targeted Gangwon and Jeju districts.

Their goal was the same as Mujin’s, which was identifying and securing the “Key.”

While Nox is a mysterious organization whose intentions have not been made clear yet, they are definitely the antagonists for this arc.

They attacked Mori’s grandfather, Taejin, as well as were involved in the theft of Mira’s sword. Both of these actions place them against our protagonist, Mori.

However, for now, it seems that Nox’s opponents are the Six and the Commissioners.

IV. Sim Bongsa & Q

In episode 6 of GOH, Mira ran into Sim Bongsa, the announcer for GOH, at the supermarket. The later then proceeded to give her pointers so that she could reach the peak of the Moonlight Sword technique.

God of High School Episode 6 Review
Sim Bongsa and Q | Source: Fandom

He also revealed that the reason he knew so much about the Moonlight sword was that the one who blinded him was a practitioner of that exact style.

However, after he left, Nox targeted and sent an assassin after him. As a result, Sim Bongsa, a Commissioner and announcer for the GOH, was killed. However, he might not be the only casualty.

By the end of episode 6 of God of High School, we saw Commissioner Q slumped against a wall with a sword in his chest. The odds are stacked against Q at the moment.

Will we really see the death of 2 commissioners at once? Read this article for predictions with few spoilers from the Webtoon.

V. The Six

While Nox is on the move, Park Mujin has not been sitting quietly.

It turns out, the Six we have heard about since the start of this series had been summoned and were introduced in this episode.

God of High School Episode 6 Review
Mujin Park | Source: Fandom

The Six are a group of people who are the highest level masters of their own fighting styles and are the strongest in Korea. The members of The Six are as follows:-

  1. Park Mujin – Tiger Cub
  2. Dooshik Kim – The Loan Shark
  3. Jaeson Jeon – The Great Magician
  4. Bongchim Nah – Divine Doctor
  5. Hallyang Seo – The Hulk
  6. Ugnyeo Kim – Re-Birth

It will be exciting to see the six strongest in action, and with Nox as an antagonist, the fights between them will definitely amaze us.

3. Episode 7 Predictions

Episode 6 marked the beginning of a major arc. Not only were we introduced to Nox, a mysterious organization, but also the Six.

With various momentous fights taking place at the same time, and new information being revealed, it is difficult to keep up with the pace.

The next episode will probably ease us into it by starting with the Nationals and showing us the training the main trio went through.

With one of the Six, Bongchim Nah, wanting to take Mori as his disciple, his progress will definitely be one to look forward to.

We will also finally get to know the outcome between Taejin and Nox, as well as Q’s fate.

4. About God of High School

The God of High School or GOH is a South Korean webtoon written by Yongje Park.

God of HighSchool was first posted on Naver Webtoon on 8th April 2011; it was one of the first webtoons to receive an English translation at the launch of Line Webtoon app and website in July 2014.

While an island half-disappearing from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization is sending out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world.

“If you win you can have ANYTHING you want.” They’re recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of high school!

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