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God of High School Episode 7 Review: What did you miss?

The God of High School, by Yongje Park, is a famous Korean manhwa webtoon that’s currently being made into an anime.

As far as we’ve seen, the original story is wonderfully adapted, and the fight scenes are also beautifully animated.

After the action-packed episode 6, God of High School’s latest episode, titled “Anima/Force,” was released on Monday. It provided us with a lot of answers after the last episode’s cliffhanger.

God of High School Episode 7 Review
Jin Mori & Han Daewi | Source: Fandom

After episode 5, where we saw the match between Mori and Daewi, the latest one is probably the most action-packed and features fights from all three of our main trio (Mori’s fight was kind of questionable, but that’s alright).

In this article, I will be discussing every single fight and event that took place in the 7th episode, and lay down my predictions for the next one!

1. Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of “God of High School” titled “Fear/Six,” kicked off by showing us a confrontation between Mori’s elusive grandfather – Jin Taejin, and the mysterious organization called Nox.

As the scene began, the “leader” of Nox asked Taejin to reconsider a certain offer, and upon denying it, both sides started fighting.

While Jin Taejin was extremely strong, the ending scene showed him facing the Nox team’s leader with a giant sword dropping down from the sky at him.

After their showdown, the episode picked up with the announcement of the GOH tournament.

The Nationals would begin in three weeks, in a group competition where the top three fighters from each preliminary would fight together as a team.

They then proceeded to show us the final battle between Mira and Jaehee, with the former clinching victory and gave us a glimpse of the various participants.

We still hadn’t seen the last of Nox, as they once again appeared on the scene and killed Sim Bongsa, a Commissioner and announcer for the GOH.

God of High School Episode 7 Review
Sim Bongsa & Judge Q | Source: Fandom

Furthermore, he might not be the only casualty, as, by the end of episode 6 of God of High School, we saw Commissioner Q slumped against a wall with a sword in his chest.

While Nox is on the move, Park Mujin had not been sitting quietly. It turns out, the Six we have heard about since the start of this series had been summoned and were introduced in this episode.

It will be exciting to see the six strongest in action, and with Nox as an antagonist, the fights between them will definitely amaze us.

2. Episode 7 Review

Episode 7, titled “Anima/Force,” covered chapters 42 to 47 of the Season 2 of God of High School webtoon and brought a conclusion to the previous battles.

This was the most action-packed and eventful episode among the entirely of GOH. There were three main events of significant importance that occurred.

First, right off the bat, we saw the beginning of Nationals and the fights between 4 major teams, including the one from Seoul.

Next, on the other side, we saw a conclusion to the fight between Commisioner Q and the Nox assassin Drake, with both sides getting reinforcements.

Last but not least, assuming by his right arm left at the scene of action, we saw Mori’s grandfather, Jin Taejin, losing the battle against Nox.

I’ve explained all the three events, plus some more in greater detail. So let’s dive right in!

I. Nationals

With the conclusion of nationwide district team selections, Episode 7 of “God of High School” titled “Anima/Force,” kicked off with the first fight in the Nationals between North Chungcheong and Seoul.

i. North Chungcheong vs. Seoul

The first match in Group A was between North Chungcheong and Seoul.

It would consist of three bouts, and the first team to score two victories would win.

God of High School Episode 7 Review
Nah Gidong | Source: Fandom

In the first bout, Mori faced Nah Gidong, where he used his special move learned from one of the Six, Bongchim Nah.

The “special move,” consisting of using acupressure to bring out his latent power, resulted in (wait for it), Mori being defeated! That’s right, he lost!

What basically happened was that Mori pressed the wrong pressure points, which led to him becoming paralyzed for a short while, which was enough for Nah Gidong to defeat him. Other than this lol moment, the rest of the fights were pretty serious.

The second bout was between Daewi and Jin Pumkwang, the oldest participant in the tournament.

Despite the latter’s powerful Hammer Charyeok, and will, with his Last Stance: Azure Dragon, Daewi took the win.

With both teams having one victory to their name, the final round and result depended on the third bout, i.e., Mira Vs. Jang Jangmi.

There was little suspense as despite the latter being a Charyeok user, both Mira’s swordsmanship and skill were way above hers.

Representing Seoul, our main trio, Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yoo Mira, took the first win against North Chungcheong in the Nationals.

ii. South Gyeongsang vs. North Jeolla

After the first match concluded, the announcer signaled the start of the fight between Group B’s first two teams – South Gyeongsang and North Jeolla.

What made this fight interesting was that the latter team’s leader was the grandson of Jaeson Jeon, one of The Six.

Without any delay, the first bout was between the respective team leaders, Taek Jegal and Jugok Jeon.

God of High School Episode 7 Review
Jegal Taek | Source: Fandom

However, unexpectedly, instead of seeing Jaeson’s grandson dominating the battle, he was overwhelmed by his opponent, Jegal’s monstrous Charkeyok, and almost killed.

The fight barely stopped when Daewi interfered, but after Jugok regained consciousness, he tried to attack Jegal once again.

As the episode stopped at this point, his fate is unknown, however it is easy to assume the worst scenario.

While the Nationals were going on, at the same time, another fight was taking place.

II. Commissioner Q vs. Nox

By the end of episode 6 of God of High School, we saw Commissioner Q slumped against a wall with a sword in his chest.

While the odds looked to be stacked against Q at that moment, episode 7 proved us completely wrong.

God of High School Episode 7 Review
Commisioner Q | Source: Fandom

After being provoked by Drake, the Nox assassin, Q had enough as he removed his limiter.

After doing so, we finally knew why he was known as one of the strongest Commissioners.

Starting with directly chopping one arm off, Q continued to utterly lay waste to his opponent, i.e., until two Nox Priests and Commisioner O arrived.

After that, the poor man was basically forgotten amidst the intense fight that took place between Priest Exly, Priest Saturn, & Commissioner Q, and Commissioner O.

The latter team overwhelmed the Nox members, who then managed to escape.

This episode, we were introduced to even more powers of Charyeok, ranging from shadow manipulation to magic Joker cards and even literal Dragons. Wait, wasn’t the show about a High School Competition?!

While we knew there were some supernatural elements, like Mujin destroying an island in ep 1, the previous battles where the opponents used only basic, okay fine, not really basic, but humanly possible martial arts, made us forget all that.

III. Taejin’s fate

Other than the epic battles, we also saw the conclusion of one from the last episode.

God of High School Episode 7 Review
Taejin | Source: Crunchyroll

The mountain shattering (literally) fight between Mori’s grandfather Jin Taejin presumably resulted in his loss, as only his decapitated arm was left on the battlefield.

While Mujin predicts him being taken hostage, no matter the result, it will have a deep impact on Mori and his future actions.

3. Episode 8 Predictions

This episode served as a reminder of all that was to come and that “God of High School” was not simply about martial arts but godly and demonic powers.

With the way it’s going, this series has the potential to secure a place among the top Shonen anime.

The next episode will probably start by showing us the conclusion to the match between Group B’s South Gyeongsang and North Jeolla.

We will find out Jeon’s fate, as well as whether the Seoul team will be disqualified for interfering.

As revealed in this episode, Bongchim Nah was successful in taking Mori as a disciple. While the results of his training weren’t visible this time, we will undoubtedly be seeing its exact effects later on.

Mori, however, is not the only one who underwent training. In this one-month time skip, both Mira and Daewi will have made some progress, which we’ll be witnessing in the next matches.

Episode 8 will probably focus less on other events and will directly get into the core of Nationals.

4. About God of High School

The God of High School or GOH is a South Korean webtoon written by Yongje Park. God of HighSchool was first posted on Naver Webtoon on 8th April 2011; it was one of the first webtoons to receive an English translation at the launch of Line Webtoon app and website in July 2014.

God of High School Episode 7 Review
The God of High School | Source: Fandom

While an island half-disappearing from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization is sending out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world.

“If you win you can have ANYTHING you want.” They’re recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of high school!

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