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Lost Bullet Review- Should you watch the French action movie?

Lost Bullet is an action movie, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. The storyline is linear with hardly any twists, and the characters are generic without any depth to them.

The car chases and close-quarters combat is shot well, and the fast pace keeps the viewer hooked. Lost Bullet works because they don’t over-do everything like the Fast and the Furious movies.

Lost Bullet Review
Lost Bullet | Source: IMDb

It has some French sophistication attached to it and will be a treat for Furious franchise fans. Overall, Lost Bullet is a forgettable action flick that you can watch if you have ninety minutes to kill.

1. Quick Review

Lost Bullet or Balle Perdue is not exceptional in any way but has some bits that shine. The stylish camera work during the zooming vehicle sequences makes sure that the movie entertains in a small budget.

There is some great acting talent on the roster, but the actors are hardly given any time on-screen as the straightforward story wraps up in a short runtime.

While fans of the genre will enjoy it, Lost Bullet will eventually get lost in the vast library of Netflix.

2. Is It Worth Watching?

The smaller budget and runtime as compared to The Fast and Furious movies works in favor of the Lost Bullet. The action and CGI are not over-the-top, and it doesn’t take forever to follow a generic storyline.

Lost Bullet I Official Trailer I Netflix
Lost Bullet | Official Trailer

Thus, it remains entertaining while some of the later Furious movies became insufferable.

I. Plot

Lost Bullet revolves around Lino, a small-time criminal who gets caught at the scene of a robbery. He is a talented mechanic and getaway driver who accepts imprisonment to save his brother. When he gets out, he starts working for the police department as a mechanic.

Lost Bullet Review
Lost Bullet | Source: IMDb

A senior cop named Charas helps Lino get a permanent job with the police and wants to use his contacts to catch criminals. When Charas and Lino meet Lino’s brother, two other cops show up, and one of them shoots Charas.

Lino is looking to get his life back on track and finds himself framed for the murder of his mentor. His only chance is to gather evidence that dirty cops committed the murder.

Lino learns of a bullet that was trapped in a car at the crime scene and races against time to find it- hence the name Lost Bullet.

II. Cast & Performances

The ninety-minute runtime means that none of the characters have complicated story arcs. They are not given enough time on-screen or an opportunity to develop.

The leading man Alban Lenoir tries to make the most of his one-dimensional role. In a quest for justice and peace, he goes from a criminal to a likable character that you root for.

The villains are generic, a dirty cop working for a dirty crime boss trying to cover up some scandals and corruption charges.

3. The Action

Directed by Guillaume Pierret, the movie has just the right amount of car chases and high-speed action sequences. Like the newer installments of The Fast and Furious franchise, it doesn’t have over-the-top bits and Michael Bay-esque explosions, which make a movie feel ridiculous.

Lost Bullet Review
Lost Bullet | Source: Netflix

The action is not piled on, and the movie doesn’t go from one cut-scene to another. Instead, it is peppered throughout the film’s length and is used to further the plot. A particular scene in which Lino bursts through a police roadblock feels quite realistic.

The movie doesn’t invest in serious background score that could have made the chase sequences more enthralling to watch. The absence of pounding background music is felt throughout

4. Final Thoughts

Apart from the action, the film doesn’t have much else going for it, and the supporting cast and flimsy story offer no redeeming qualities.

Director Pierret’s first professional outing, Lost Bullet, fails to make an impact. It wastes good acting potential and lacks any subplots or serious conflicts that could enhance the plot.

Fans of the genre will enjoy it, especially the throwback simplistic car sequences executed with great cinematography. The short runtime and the simplistic story make it a movie you can watch after a long day at work without investing too much.

The movie is a forgetful affair that will soon be lost in the massive abyss that the Netflix library has become.

5. Grade

Lost Bullet 2/5

Story: C+

Cinematography/Animation: A-

Direction: B

Music: D

Direction: B

6. Info

Lost Bullet

Air Date: June 19, 2020Status: FinishedStudio: Inoxy Films, Noilta TV & Versus Production

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