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Mix Manga Resumes In October After Pandemic Caused Hiatus

Baseball in Japan is a sport with a huge fan following. Koshien is an annual high school baseball tournament that is held in the Hanshin Koshien Stadium.

High schools from all over Japan participate in it, and it has been featured in the manga, Touch.

Mix is the sequel manga of Touch by Mitsuru Adachi. Just like in Touch, Mix also conveys the sentiments involved in baseball competitions in high schools. Both the mangas have protagonists who are twins.

The official Twitter account of Mix manga by Mitsuru Adachi announced recently that the manga will resume publishing from 12th October 2020.

[Resume MIX serialization]

It was announced in the September issue of Gessan, but “MIX” will resume serialization from the November issue of Gessan released on October 12th!

Thank you, everyone!English Translation, Twitter Translate

The September issue of the Gessan magazine announced that the Mix manga will start publishing again starting from the November issue of Gessan.

Mix went on a hiatus in May due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mix Manga Resumes In October After Pandemic Caused Hiatus
Mix | Source: Fandom

The pandemic prevented Adachi from working with his assistants, which led to a shortage of chapters. Thus the manga’s hiatus was announced in the June issue of Gessan.

The story of Mix starts after 26 years of the occurrences that took place in Touch. Stepbrothers, Touma and Soichiro Tachibana, enter Meisei High School and dream of the high school making a comeback at Koshien.

Touma is the pitcher while Soichiro is the catcher in Baseball. Unlike Touch, both of them love different girls, and they dream of returning Meisei to the Koshien with their talent.

It is a coming of age manga with comedy which doesn’t let the story go stale.

Mix has already been adapted into an anime series by studio OLM. It was originally broadcasted in 2019 and had a total of 24 episodes. Funimation licenses the anime for North America.

The Mix manga was first serialized in 2012 in the Monthly Shonen Sunday magazine. The chapters have been compiled into 16 volumes so far.

About Touch

Touch is a manga series by Mitsuru Adachi on high school baseball tournaments. It was serialized from 1981-86. It was adapted into several anime, anime movies, drama, and live-action series.

Twin brothers Tatsuya and Kazuya Uesugi are talented athletes. Along with their neighbor Minami Asakura, they discover the ups and downs of life.

They face triumph and defeat on and off the baseball field and support each other through everything.

Source: Official Twitter account of Mix

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