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Project Power Review: Is the Netflix Superhero Movie Good?

Netflix’s Project Power revisits the cliché of humans not using their brains to their maximum capability and adds a superhero spin to it. Like Limitless and Lucy, Project Power is an entertaining ride supported by strong acting and cinematic visual effects.

It is funny and will make you wish you could watch it on the big screen surrounded by a noisy audience. Offering the perfect two hours of escape with the pandemic raging outside, it’s no surprise that Project Power was the most-watched movie on Netflix over the weekend.

1. Quick Review

Project Power is similar to superhero films in terms of its plot, action, and visual effects. The acting and CGI are good, and the movie has some funny moments throughout.

Project Power a crowd-pleaser, but while the superpowers of the characters may last as long as they need, the movie’s charm will wear off much quicker.

2. Info & Watch Links

Project Power

Air Date: August 14, 2020 Status: Airing Studio: Netflix
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3. Is It Worth Watching?

If you enjoyed watching Lucy or Limitless or looking for an easy getaway from the mundane walls of your house, Project Power is a good option. The movie doesn’t demand your complete concentration, and neither does it set itself up as the opening film of a franchise.

Project Power’s greatest strength is that it knows the boundaries and stays in them, playing the cards its’ been dealt and providing a film to enjoy.

Project Power starring Jamie Foxx | Official Trailer | Netflix
Project Power Official Trailer

I. Plot

The film is set in New Orleans and revolves around a mysterious drug being sold in Black teenagers’ projects. The pills are special and can give you superpowers for five minutes (although the movie extends the time limit as per its convenience).

There is also a catch that you never know what superpower a certain pill will give you, and it’s a dangerous dance with death as a dose can be fatal as well.

The police department is overwhelmed by the rampant crime spree in the city as people acquire super strength, become bulletproof, or start breathing fire while committing crimes. A cop named Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) believes that the only way to stop superheroes is by becoming one and arranges for a teenage girl named Robin (Dominique Fishback) to supply him with pills.

Project Power Complete Review: Is It Worth Watching?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Project Power | Source: Netfix

In another part of the city, an ex-soldier named Art (Jamie Foxx) goes on a murderous rampage to find his kidnapped daughter. Eventually, he and Frank cross paths and discover a criminal organization with political links that aim to mass-produce and spread the pills across the country. Frank, Robin, and Art team up to stop them.

II. Cast & Performances

The actors do the heavy lifting and carry a mediocre and predictable plot across the line. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Foxx feed off each other’s energy in the scenes and are a dynamic duo on-screen. Foxx imparts his traditional energy in each of his scenes.

Project Power Complete Review: Is It Worth Watching?
Project Power Official Poster | Source: Netflix

Although she is not given much time in front of the camera, Dominique Fishback is the perfect addition to the group. A young girl who is only peddling drugs to support her ailing mother, Robin, has many hilarious moments.

III. Visuals

The visuals of Project Power are supported by a multi-million dollar budget and certainly make you wish that you could watch the film in theatres. They are as good as any other superhero movie, and the fight scenes are shot and directed well.

Like all superhero movies, the movie’s final act culminates in a CGI-heavy fight fest between the good guys and the bad guys.

Machine Gun Kelly in Project Power Complete Review: Is It Worth Watching?
Machine Gun Kelly in Project Power | Source: Netflic

The effects of the drug and the diverse range of abilities it imparts to the users are also interesting and hilarious to watch as they often have unexpected consequences. The raging sound effects and the pumping beats complement the visuals and fight.

4. Grade


Story: B

Cinematography/Animation: A-

Direction: A-

Music: B+

Direction: B+

5. Final Thoughts

Project Power requires no additional context or explanation for the events unfolding on the screen, and neither does it try to set itself up as a precursor to additional installments. The motive of the evil organization isn’t explained properly, and the movie could’ve been funnier or more creative.

It is a lukewarm and easy-to-follow film with a predictable premise that is saved by the acting and visuals. These elements propel the movie to become one of the biggest releases of this year, which will undoubtedly turn over a massive profit for Netflix.

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