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Sasha Banks: WWE Female Champion Talks About The God of Highschool

Otakus can be found all over the world and in some of the most unexpected places. The innate love for anime attracts people from every sphere of life and the various genres of anime make people relate to it easily.

God of Highschool revolves around a championship, out of which will emerge the strongest person from South Korea.

The closest concept to the God of Highschool ring in the real world is the WWE. And an otaku has been uncovered amongst the jaw-dropping fighters of WWE.

WWE Champion Talks God Of Highschool
Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks, the four-time champion of Women’s WWE RAW, current champion of WWE Women’s Tag Team and former winner of NXT Women’s Championship, says that anime came to her life much before wrestling did.

She has been a fan of Sailor Moon ever since she remembers and looks up to Usagi the most.

When asked which character she would pass on her “The Boss” title to, she replies with Ryuk from Death Note. The way he thinks playing with people’s lives is funny gets to her, plus their shared love for apples.

Sasha likes the tournament arrangement of God Of High School as it allows the involvement of more characters with their strengths and uniqueness. It will enable her to choose a favorite from the participants without forcing herself to like from the few permanent ones.

She is also looking forward to the three wishes that will be provided to the final winner and how it will shape the life of the champion.

She confesses that she is still too early in the story to stan someone, but she wants to get more familiar with the anime quickly.

WWE Champion Talks God Of Highschool
The God of High School – Sasha Banks

Sasha explains what makes the tournament a formidable way of storytelling.

People love to see the person they are rooting for go up against the odds and rise through the top. The pain of the fighter makes others relate to the pain they have been in at one point in life.

If Sasha were to compete in the God of High School championship, she would be prepared for any match and aim for the win. She could even use her “The Boss” accessories to get an advantage in the game.

Sasha Banks: WWE Female Champion Talks About The God of Highschool

About God Of High School

The God of High School or GOH is a South Korean webtoon written by Yongje Park. God of High School was first posted on Naver Webtoon on April 8, 2011; it was one of the first webtoons to receive an English translation at the launch of Line Webtoon app and website in July 2014.

While an island half-disappearing from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization is sending out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world.

“If you win, you can have ANYTHING you want.” They’re recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of high school!

Source: Crunchyroll interview of Sasha Banks

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