Anime Manga Watch Order

How to Watch Anime and Manga Legally Online – The Easy Guide

Anime and manga are increasingly becoming popular in today’s world. Their demand is exponentially growing, which is helping creators to create more and more content. However, some pirates (Gogoanime, Kissanime, Mangafox, etc.) take away a large amount of support these artists deserve by illegally streaming and publishing popular anime and manga on their personal servers.…

Anime Chuunibyou Watch Order

How To Watch Chuunibyou? The Complete Watch Order

Growing up, we’ve all thought that we possessed an extraordinary supernatural power at some point. We’ve had our own quirks and awkward phases, and we often wish that we could somehow erase those embarrassing situations from our minds as well as from the minds of those around us. Chuunibyou is the story of a boy…

Anime Legend of the Galactic Heroes Watch Order

Legend of The Galactic Heroes: Watch Order (1988 vs. 2018)

Legend of the Galactic heroes (LotGH) is considered a hidden gem in the anime community. All those who’ve watched it have become massive fans and refuse to compare it to any other anime. The anime is truly a masterpiece. It tackles questions about politics and governance. Is it better to have a righteous dictator rather…