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The Stranger On The Beach Anime Film: Trailer, Cast and More

Sometimes, the most heart touching tale is created when two individuals discover love and nurture it between themselves.

What indeed is more beautiful than humans, feeling that string of love tugging inside their chest?

The Stranger on the Beach or Umibe no Étranger depicts a tale of two guys who accept each other as well as themselves for who they are. So if you like some CUTE yaoi action, then jump on the bandwagon!

The official website of The Stranger on the Beach anime adaptation has revealed the cast, staff, visual, and a trailer for the upcoming anime, and we are excited to share them all with you! The film debuts in Japan on 11th September 2020.

The Stranger On The Beach Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming anime film has been released.

The trailer shows us glimpses into the first meeting of Mio, the orphan boy who always seems lost in the seascape and Shun, the novelist who has been shunned due to his preference.

It is a trailer that shows us the moments where two broken people depend on each other and heal. The new song “Zoccon,” written by Mono No Aware, is unveiled in the trailer.

The key visual for The Strangers on the Beach anime film has been released on the official website. It shows Mio, Shun, and the other characters enjoying refreshing watermelon and drinks in the summer.


CharacterVoice CastOther Works
Mio ChibanaYoshitsugu MatsuokaYukihira Soma in Food Wars!
Shun HashimotoTaishi MurataShun Ibusaki in Food Wars!
SakurakoYuu ShimamuraAnnie Leonhardt in Attack on Titan
EriKanae ItoEASY in Drifters
SuzuSayaka NakayaOrine Aida in AKB0048
Oba chanHana SatouPascal Sensei in 100% Pascal sensei


PositionStaffOther Works
Director, scriptwriter, storyboardsAkiyo OohashiSakura Capsule (OAV)
Character DesignKanna KiiWriter of The Stranger on the Beach
Music composerMina KubotaA Whisker Away

An original anime exhibition will be held at the Parco Gallery in Shibuya Prefecture called “Seaside Entranze.” It will exhibit not only the original animation but also the individual materials such as the setting pictures and background artwork.

About The Stranger on the Beach

Adapted from Kanna Kii’s Umibe no Étranger manga, the anime film speaks of love between boys.

The Stranger On The Beach Anime Film
The Stranger on the Beach Cover | Source: Fandom

Shun is an aspiring novelist who resides at a house near a remote beach in Okinawa. His family has shunned him due to his sexual preference. Shun meets Mio, a high-school boy who has been orphaned at an early age.

Both the boys grow closer to each other at the beach, but soon, Mio has to leave for his studies, but he asks Shun to wait for his return. Three years pass by, and Mio returns as promised, will both of them get to be together again?

Source: Official website of The Stranger on the Beach

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