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Upcoming Movie Looking For Magical Doremi Releases New PV

“Looking for Magical Doremi” has released a new PV before its upcoming release on November 13. It marks the glorious 20 year anniversary of the franchise.

Haruzake Doremi – the girl whose entire life is a mess, becomes an apprentice witch, but soon it turns out she’s pretty horrible at that.

Magical Doremi states the journey of this young girl who’s on her way to becoming a good witch.

“Full moon symbol # Search for witch apprenticeship Full moon symbol

Sparkles release date decided on Friday, November 13, Sparkles.

And the pounding trailer has been lifted Heart exclamation.

#Why do you get a strange power?

The encounter that Doremi brought together

For a troubled heroine

Heart exclamation that causes a mysterious little miracle

#Ojamajo Doremi

# Aoi Morikawa # Rena Matsui # Natsuko Momota”English Translation, Twitter Translate

おジャ魔女どれみ20周年記念作品 映画『魔女見習いをさがして』予告編
Looking For Magical Doremi Trailer

With the fantastic visuals, astonishing framing, and glimpses of our beloved characters – the trailer got us hyped for the movie’s release.

The preview kind of rolled around through the entire plot, and the part with the magical gem had us losing our patience. Like, come on! Give us the movie NOW!

Looking for Magical Doremi is an anime film based on three women who grew up watching Ojamajo Doremi. A magical gem brings these women together, and they embark on a magical journey. This much-anticipated film was initially planned for release on May 15, 2020.

Till last month it was postponed indefinitely due to production issues. Now it’s confirmed that the film will be released on November 13.

Junichi Sato – the director of the original Ojamajo Doremi anime, is directing the new film alongside Yū Kamatani at Toei Animation. Umakoshi is credited as chief animation director.

About Magical Doremi

Ojamajo Doremi, alternatively titled Magical DoReMi in English, is a Japanese magical girl anime television series created by Toei Animation.

Upcoming movie Looking for Magical Doremi releases new PV
Looking Magical Doremi Cover | Source: Official Website

The story follows 27-year-old Tokyo office worker Mire Yoshizuki who just returned to Japan, 22-year-old fourth-year college student Sora Nagase who aspires to be a teacher, and 20-year-old boyish, part-time Hiroshima okonomiyaki shop worker and freelancer Reika Kawatani.

What draws together these three women from entirely different walks of life is a magic gem.

A “New Magical Story” begins when they are mysteriously brought together by chance and embark on a journey.

Source: Twitter

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