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Who is the Mother of Sesshomaru’s Daughters? Whom does he fall in love with?

After ten long years, a new anime by Rumiko Takahashi is finally in the works. Inuyasha will be returning in 2020 in the form of a sequel called Yashahime. This information has brought on a lot of mixed reactions from the fans.

But first, let me rewind a bit and talk about the main characters in Yashahime.

It will be following Moroha, i.e., Kagome and Inuyasha’s daughter, which was not surprising; what was surprising was that the series also features Towa and Setsuna, the twin daughters of Sesshomaru!

Who is the mother of Sesshomaru's children?
Sesshomaru and Rin | Source: Fandom

Now let’s be honest, none of us predicted or even expected that the stoic man who never showed romantic feelings towards anyone would actually marry, or like anyone, let alone have kids!

But now that this stone-cold fact is laid in front of us, the main question that arises is about the mother of his kids.

With little to no options in front of the fans, many assume his travel partner of 3 years, Rin, to be the one who married him and gave birth to their children.

The fandom is divided into two right now, with one side is justifying this pair by desperately clutching whatever pieces the canon material allows them to. In contrast, the other side is completely against this pair due to moral reasons.

In this article, I will talk about the relationship between Sesshomaru and Rin, as well as lay out my theory regarding the identity of his wife.

1. Sesshomaru & Rin

Sesshomaru and Rin are the embodiment of a classic story where a human who travels with a demon teaches him to slowly let go of his prejudices against her race.

I. Who is Rin? How did she meet him?

Rin is a human girl who was orphaned at a very young age. She discovered an injured Sesshomaru in a forest near her village and relentlessly tried to help him. Despite the Dog Demon never actually eating the food, she continued with her actions.

Who is the mother of Sesshomaru's children?
Rin | Source: Fandom

After Rin died because of a wolf attack, she was revived by Sesshomaru, who was touched by her naive smile. Since then, she became his travel partner.

II. Does Sesshomaru like Rin?

Since Rin started traveling with him, her warmness and kindness significantly affected Sesshomaru. Since she was barely 8, when she first met him, he constantly rescued and looked out for her.

His growing compassion towards her allowed him to advance in battle.

However, when he sought to improve his Meido Zangetsuha technique, which came at the cost of Rin’s life, he expressed nearly inconsolable grief, guilt, and shame for allowing her to die for the sake of his own power.

After his mother revived her, he vowed never to let Rin in harm’s way.

Following Naraku’s defeat, he sent her off to reside in a village and get used to living with humans once again, where she would be safe from potential harm.

He gave her an unspoken choice, i.e., to experience the best of both worlds and then decide where she wished to live when she matured.

Sesshomaru does like Rin, but the context of “like” only extends as far as a parental bond or something akin to familiarity between two people traveling together.

By the end of the series, Rin was positively still an 11-year-old, whereas Sesshomaru, despite looking 19 (which is still a big age difference), was more than 900 years in age.

This ensures that there is no romantic relationship between them, and it should remain that way.

III. Why does the fandom think so otherwise?

Sesshomaru was more or less shown to be emotionless and aloof in the series. Due to this, the rare moments when he did show affection, or even any emotion, were taken out of context and twisted to fit the narratives thought up by the viewers.

One such target of his rare affection was Rin, who had been traveling with him since she was 8.

Her naive and kind behavior caught his eye, and he did his best to protect the young child.

However, these moments have led many in the fandom to believe that Sesshomaru has romantic feelings for Rin, which is extremely questionable on moral grounds.

First of all, Rin is eight! Even after taking her age by the end into account, she is still only 11.

In contrast, Sesshomaru, despite having a 19-year-old body, is 900+ years in age. A relationship between them would not only edge into but streak past the pedophilic line.

Many argue that he could have proposed to Rin after she turned 16 or older. But what they don’t realize or consciously look past is the fact that the Dog Demon knew her since she was but a child.

He accompanied her during her growing years. A romantic relationship between them will be akin to one between a parental figure and their kid, i.e., totally wrong on all levels.

2. Does Sesshomaru even like anyone?

Due to his great demon bloodline, Sesshomaru possessed a power that many demons desired.

In accordance with his power and position, he was always composed and confident, displaying a calm, calculating personality at almost all times. 

Who is the mother of Sesshomaru's children?
Sesshomaru | Source: Fandom

More often than not, he was shown to be aloof and indifferent to everything around him.

The rare moments of compassion and concern were reserved for his travel companions, and later on extended to his brother Inuyasha, and Kagome.

The only time he showed anything akin to that towards a stranger, was when Kagura was dying.

While at first, Sesshomaru appeared to be annoyed with her constant appearances, he still cared for and liked her.

When Kagura was attacked by Naraku, it was revealed that she had romantic feelings for him, as she wanted to see Sesshomaru “one last time before she died.”

Her wish was fulfilled as not only did he acknowledge that he was there to meet her, but also showed great concern towards her well-being.

Sesshomaru’s concern for her became even more noticeable during the battle with Moryomaru, as it triggered his Tenseiga.

Not only that, he even became noticeably angry when his opponent insulted her memory.

While whether he felt the same way towards Kagura is unknown, he undoubtedly cared for and liked her.

3. Sesshomaru’s wife & children

The new sequel, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, that is set to release this year, will follow Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s children in a story transcending time.

This has raised the main question about the mother’s identity.

With little to no options, many are assuming his travel partner of 3 years, Rin, to be the one who married him and gave birth to their children.

The fandom is divided into two right now, with one side is justifying this pair by desperately clutching whatever pieces the canon material allows them to.

In contrast, the other side is completely against this pair due to the moral reasons I talked about before.

While there is indeed a slight possibility of Rin being the mother as there’s quite a large time skip after Inuyasha: The Final Act’s finale, I have another theory about his children’s origin.

Who is the mother of Sesshomaru's children?
Setsuna and Towa | Source: Fandom

Thinking about it, Sesshomaru had never shown any romantic interest towards anyone in the series, but he did show a soft side for kids.

It might be possible that the children in the sequel might not have been saved and adopted by him during his travels.

As it seems unlikely for him to marry anyone at this point, this theory seems most probably. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

4. About Inuyasha

Inuyasha, also known as Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi.

Inuyasha premiered in Weekly Shōnen Sunday on November 13, 1996, and concluded on June 18, 2008, with the chapters collected into 56 tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan.

Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old schoolgirl, gets transported to the Sengoku period of Japan after falling into a well in her family shrine. There she meets the half dog-demon, Inuyasha.

Kagome possesses a powerful magical Shikon Jewel. When a monster from that era tries to take the Jewel, Kagome shatters the Jewel into many pieces. Now, Kagome and Inuyasha must retrieve the shards before the evil half spider-demon Naraku finds them.

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